I spent another day bundled up in blankets feeling sorry for…myself? My missing cat? Probably for myself. I won’t have the same moments every day I did with my little boy. Our other cat is awesome but she’s a cat-cat, where Bru was a dog-cat. He’d play fetch. I can’t even pick up his favourite toy because I don’t want to hear it make the noise that would make him come running. First night he was gone I couldn’t sleep on our bed because of the noise, too. He’d hear us sit on the bed and again, come running. I’ve been doing nothing but reading archived entries in a lot of blogs I follow.
Loki has been more vocal, and more cuddly since we lost Bru. I think she can feel our feelings and tries her best, in her cat ways, to cheer us up. But she smells his old sleeping spots and I saw her licking and rubbing her face against one of his favourite nap spots.
I honestly don’t think I’ve cried this easily or this much in a very long time. I just want my boy home.