Every fucking day I have to listen to the next door’s dog whining and barking, just because they think having a boxer (beautiful dog) means their house is guarded. Many times I’ve heard them hit their dog, many times have I witnessed them tying the dog up to their trampoline. Many times I hear it whining and barking until 9 at night cause it wants food.
I want to go over and ask if I can walk it, or give it water, a few times I’ve thrown dog biscuits over the fence so its at least fed.
The SPCA has been by to check things out but it did nothing. Somehow the family made it seem as though they take great care of their dog. He doesn’t look under fed, he’s just ignored. Which makes me mad because certain people think all they need is protection, not a lifelong friendship and mutual respect.
Due to this dog’s upbringing I doubt it would be able to play with humans or other dogs. Due to this dog’s upbringing it will always be hyper and wound up. And nobody cares. Especially not the fuck-for-brains living next to us.