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I made a new Internets friend today. She’s a girl. I haven’t had a close Internets (or real) girl friend for ever.
Bit she seems cool! She likes *mumblejumble*and serenity and kinda likes trolling people. I like her and asked her to hr my best-Internets-friend. She likes m&f, according to fb.

So what.


Every fucking day I have to listen to the next door’s dog whining and barking, just because they think having a boxer (beautiful dog) means their house is guarded. Many times I’ve heard them hit their dog, many times have I witnessed them tying the dog up to their trampoline. Many times I hear it whining and barking until 9 at night cause it wants food.
I want to go over and ask if I can walk it, or give it water, a few times I’ve thrown dog biscuits over the fence so its at least fed.
The SPCA has been by to check things out but it did nothing. Somehow the family made it seem as though they take great care of their dog. He doesn’t look under fed, he’s just ignored. Which makes me mad because certain people think all they need is protection, not a lifelong friendship and mutual respect.
Due to this dog’s upbringing I doubt it would be able to play with humans or other dogs. Due to this dog’s upbringing it will always be hyper and wound up. And nobody cares. Especially not the fuck-for-brains living next to us.

I told him he could be best friends with Wil Wheaton and play as the Canucks vs the Kings.
He said “uh-huh.”
I said Anne and I could talk about cats and hair while they play their hockey ball thing.

Wil Wheaton should be our best friend.

He could also teach us about homebrewing. Cause who wants to pay stores & the government for beer when we can make ourselves.

Randomness of the day.

Our missing cat showed up this morning. Boyfriend thought he heard something rustling in the bushes when he got the paper today and went and checked it out…didn’t see anything. Then he went to the kitchen to feed Loki and heard mewing at the back door so he went to look and there was our cat, begging for breakfast. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m just so happy to have him back! I had to call and wake up my mum this morn just cause I was so happy that he’s back.

My parents are coming over for a late holiday dinner tonight. Which means I should try to wash myself and stop crying at random times because it’ll be more unsettling for them to see that, even though they know I’m depressed as shit right now. Greg is used to me moping Iknow the parents will be a bit weirded out.
I lay in bed for 4 hours this morning, reading Hyperbole and a Half archives and keening quietly into my pillow, blanket, teddy bear. I still have time to get myself half a quarter decent.
I know I shouldn’t be isolating myself and being a giant worthless sack of poop bit it just doesn’t feel right at all right now. Feeling right would be having 2 warm kittens when we fall asleep, having 2 kittens meowing for dinner, having 2 kittens, period. And any time I’m not at home wishing He’ll be here is time I’m thinking he should be here. And it doesn’t feel right laughing and enjoying life and outside. Things just aren’t right at home, or inside of me now.

I spent another day bundled up in blankets feeling sorry for…myself? My missing cat? Probably for myself. I won’t have the same moments every day I did with my little boy. Our other cat is awesome but she’s a cat-cat, where Bru was a dog-cat. He’d play fetch. I can’t even pick up his favourite toy because I don’t want to hear it make the noise that would make him come running. First night he was gone I couldn’t sleep on our bed because of the noise, too. He’d hear us sit on the bed and again, come running. I’ve been doing nothing but reading archived entries in a lot of blogs I follow.
Loki has been more vocal, and more cuddly since we lost Bru. I think she can feel our feelings and tries her best, in her cat ways, to cheer us up. But she smells his old sleeping spots and I saw her licking and rubbing her face against one of his favourite nap spots.
I honestly don’t think I’ve cried this easily or this much in a very long time. I just want my boy home.

My body doesn’t ache like it did last night, having my boyfriend home and having talked to my mother helped greatly. I was even able to sleep and only punched G once out of pain-fuelled rage at my body this early morning. While I was half asleep, might I add.
Bru is still gone and I hope we’ll find him by May. I didn’t cry much yesterday but I sure was drinking my sorrows away. Today I’m thinking about his face and ears and little bit of white on his chest, and yes, even his pink asshole. It stands out against black fur, ok?
I see him showing within the week skinny and sad-looking but He’ll be home. And mum will take Jim to the vets to make sure he’s ok and he’ll be an indoor cat from now on. He’s not leaving mum again. He’s my boy and he will be home.